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We are committed to working with and through the Church in local mission and community engagement. Metamorphosis offers the opportunity for creative, community led, prayerful engagement

"Metamorphosis is about building the confidence in the local congregation to listen to what people are saying their needs are and working with them to address those needs and turn their lives around"

The Right Reverend Andrew Proud

Metamorphosis is Mothers' Union's approach to enabling and supporting meaningful relationships with God. Through these dialogues we have been inspiring transformation in individuals, churches and communities across 10 countries for over a decade. You can find out more about this by visiting our Church & Community Mobilisation page.

Within the UK & Ireland, our Metamorphosis approach combines different tools, techniques and suggestions to enable and equip churches to identify the skills, experience and gifts within the church that can be used to transform their communities from the inside out, help others and identify strengths within the community that can be built upon. 

We achieve this through creative exercises and engaging bible-based workshops that can involve all members of the community and allow churches to put their learning into practice. As a result, churches can expect to see transformation in their communities through taking action, building skills and developing relationships. Experience has also shown that faith in God and confidence also grow.

"I have been impressed by metamorphosis, the way in which it has drawn in and energised people from churches that are not structured around regular discussion or bible study groups. The commitment and excitement in the room has been tangible. It has opened up the scriptures in new ways, and played an important part in developing outward -focused churches with a fresh desire to engage with their local communities."  Revd. Canon Mike Booker, Bishop's Change Officer for Market Towns 

If this is something your diocese may be interested in we are pleased to be able to offer "Taster Days" where you can find out lots more about the process. Please contact us at for more information.