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With its rich mineral resources, including having significant iron, gold and diamond reserves, Guinea has the potential to be one of the richest countries in Africa. Yet despite this it remains amongst the poorest, with a very low Human Development Index rating of 183 out of 188 countries. Over its history conflict in neighbouring countries including Sierra Leone and Sudan, has led to huge influxes of refugees putting even more pressure on an already unstable economy and infrastructure. 

Mothers’ Union membership in Guinea - at only around 120 - is relatively small compared with other countries in the region but reflects the fact that Guinea is a predominantly Muslim country, with just 8% of the population being Christian. Despite their small number, Mothers’ Union members are very active, working to break down barriers of sex, age, and religion to build flourishing communities. Projects and activities include:

  • Visits to the sick and the elderly
  • Helping new mothers gain skills to help look after their newborns
  • HIV/AIDs awareness
  • Prison ministry
  • Health and sanitation projects
  • Marriage preparation
  • Training community birth attendants
  • Safe water projects
  • Peace and reconciliation