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Located in east Africa, Tanzania is bordered by eight countries, with an Indian Ocean coastline. The country is home to the highest mountain in Africa - the world famous Mount Kilimanjaro - and tens of thousands of people from around the world flock there each year to climb it. 

Tanzania has been fortunate not have been troubled by war over the last few decades unlike its neighbours Rwanda, Congo and Burundi and instead has provided safe refuge for hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled because of fighting. 

Challenges to family life include unemployment, poverty and a large numbers of child-headed households due to HIV/AIDs.

In 2018 Mothers’ Union celebrated 100 years since it was first established. Every year since it began Mothers' Union membership in Tanzania has been growing at a phenomenal rate and today stands at over 915,000. Mothers' Union members across Tanzania are involved in caring for those in need with projects including:

  • Church and Community Mobilisation
  • Savings and credit groups
  • Prison ministry
  • Hospital visitation
  • Education and nursery school projects
  • Health awareness programmes
  • Vocational skills training
  • Support for widows
  • Orphan care programmes