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Mothers' Union Diocese of Durham

The Diocese of Durham Mothers' Union covers Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Stockton and Sunderland


We demonstrate the Christian faith in action by transforming communities by promoting stable marriage, nurturing family life and ensuring the protection of children.

Most branches in Durham meet in the traditional way either weekly or monthly, most in the afternoon but a few do meet in the evening.

The sorts of projects we support in the Diocese of Durham are:

  • Emergency hospital bags (basic toiletries for people admitted without them)
  • Knitting for premature and full term babies
  • Tea and coffee for parents staying with children in hospital
  • Women's Refuge - away days, craft items, Mothering Sunday gifts, Christmas gifts, household items
  • Schools - various stationary items and shoes
  • Prisons - clothing items for children, play things, Bible study books, church services
  • Baptism support
  • Sick visiting in the parish
  • Away From It All holidays - small grants for families under stress (who cannot afford holiday breaks) to share time together. A few conditions apply.
  • Indoor members receive a card and small gift at Christmas and Easter and newsletter updates throughout the year.

If you would like to be involved please visit and complete the online form.

Contact details

East Stanley,
Co Durham,
United Kingdom
Primary contact: Kathleen Wilson
Telephone: 01915480334
Diocese of Durham website:
Province: York

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