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Starting to meet together again 2021



Information and ideas to help Mothers' unio groups start to meet together again, as well as guidance on connecting digitally


Ways of connecting digitally

A straightforward guide to connecting digitally with Mothers' Union members - as well as your family and friends

How to Zoom

A straightforward guide to help you feel confident in joining a meeting on Zoom

How to Zoom by phone

A straightforward guide to help you feel confident in joining a meeting on Zoom using a landline or mobile telephone

Starting to meet together

Restrictions on social mixing are slowly being lifted across Britain and Ireland. These guidelines give general information and may be subject to change in line with the relevant public health guidance.

Meeting in private homes

What  you need to think about if you are meeting in a member's home or garden

What about our first meeting?

It's been a long time since groups have been able to meet in person - here are some suggestions for what you could do at your first meeting

Venue Risk Assessment

A five step risk assessment to identify hazards and risks in a meeting venue

A Summer Quiz

A light hearted quiz for a summer social event

Keeping everyone safe

What you need to think about to keep everyone feeling safe as we start to meet together again