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Introducing the Mothers’ Union 5 C’s Resources

Mothers' Union's New Resources

18 Jan 2021

Looking after our wellbeing is more important than ever. Fortunately we are becoming increasingly aware of the value of taking care of our physical and mental health. However, with all the focus on different health and fitness practices it can be difficult to know what to prioritise. Similarly getting your head around all the different advice can be quite tricky.

Mothers’ Union is building on the 5 Cs framework created and recommended by Dr Radha Modgil. Using this as a basis we are bringing you a whole new selection of resources to look after your body and mind.

So, what are the 5 Cs?

The first of the 5 Cs is control. This means identifying and acknowledging what things are in your zone of control and learning how to stop thinking about those things that are not. This is easier said than done at first, but over time, with practice it is possible to limit distractions and fears.

The second of the 5 Cs is care. This relates to self-care such as exercise and taking daily action to look after our mental health. It is simple to start getting into good habits relating to exercise and it is ok to start slow. Even the most basic of stretching or movement routines done every day will produce benefits over time.

The third of the 5 Cs is continuity. This means creating a sense of routine and grounding yourself in certain activities. Just because the wider world is a lot different to how it was before the pandemic does not mean your daily life has to be. In fact, keeping to as near a normal life as possible is reassuring for your mind on a deeper level. As the saying goes, “keep calm and carry on”.

The fourth of the 5 Cs is creativity, which as you would expect relates to continuing with hobbies and interests, particularly those that you can get absorbed in. This could be anything really, but the idea is to carry out practices that take you away from your worries and concerns.

Finally, the last of the 5 Cs relates to compassion. It is a well-known Christian value to be kind to others and especially the most vulnerable. Research has shown that helping other people has benefits for your own psychological wellbeing.

How are Mothers’ Union using this?

We are producing a range of resources under these different headings, launching with a selection of each and adding to this over time. Our hope is that you will find a range of resources to support you in keeping up your spirits, staying healthy and feeling connected to wider society.

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Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash