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In Member’s Footsteps: Getting Out Of The House Virtually

Virtual Walks

21 Jan 2021

The current restrictions on our daily life are difficult for us all. Repeated lockdowns provide challenges that we can be unsure how to deal with. Many of us have found these circumstances have led to feelings of separation from our friends, our communities and our churches.

At such a time it is important to do all we can to support the mental, physical and spiritual health of both ourselves and those around us. Mothers’ Union aims to provide the means to help with looking after our own minds and bodies as well as supporting each other through the pandemic.

The most recent selection of our resources can be found here.

Regular Walking

One thing that is not restricted is the ability to exercise. We are still free to take daily walks (if we are able to) and the benefits of doing so should not be underestimated. According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking regularly can lighten your mood, strengthen your muscles, support your joints, and slow down mental decline.

Yet not all of us can get out of the house to go on walks. People may be shielding, they may be self-isolating or they may be unable to get out regularly for another personal reason. This is why we are starting an initiative to bring you a series of virtual walks.

In Member’s Footsteps

These will be a series of videos released over the next couple of months of footage from members on walks in different parts of the country. The idea is that you can watch videos of what other members see and feel on their own walks around their local areas.

As well as providing an insight into the different regions of the UK, it is hoped that watching each video will give you a five minute break from your day. A space to relax and reflect but also a way to feel connected to the wider membership.

The aim is to put up new walks every two weeks. You can watch the first video here.


Get Involved

If you are taking regular or occasional walks and would like to record something to share in this way, please contact for details of how to send us the footage.



Photo by Gary Ellis on Unsplash