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Mothers' Union in Africa- Comfort Fearon talks to members in Oxford

A talk by Comfort Fearon to members in Oxford about Mothers' Union in Nigeria.

28 Feb 2020

Do you know that four of our Link Dioceses are in Africa? We would like to know more so we are organising an opportunity to find out about MU in Africa on Wednesday 20th May. 

This event will take place at CMS House, Watlington Road, Oxford, OX4 6BZ from 10 am – 2pm.  Comfort Fearon is coming to speak about MU in Nigeria.  She is the DP in Southwark, which is also one of our Link Dioceses.  Judy Rous, who chairs the Congo Church Association, is coming to speak about MU in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  As well as speakers, we hope to have African style music, worship and food.  It is not obligatory, but it would be great if you are able to dress in some colourful Africa clothes too!  All are welcome. 

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