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Chichester outreach

As part of St Richard’s Heathfield Branch ‘Outreach’, members of the congregation from three churches in Heathfield Benefice were invited to share coffee and homemade cakes and to hear guest speaker, Christine Emson.

02 Sep 2019

This year, for St Richard’s Heathfield Branch ‘Outreach’, we invited members of the congregation from our three churches in Heathfield Benefice to share coffee and homemade cakes and to hear our guest speaker, Christine Emson, who is the former Mothers’ Union President of Chichester Diocese.

Chris talked enthusiastically about the work of the Mothers’ Union, both globally and locally. She described the success of projects in Sussex, including the Eastbourne Contact Centre; our two caravans for ‘Away from it all Holidays’ for families under stress and how Mothers’ Union Parenting Courses are helping parents to ‘do the most important job in the world’.  She also highlighted ‘Loving for Life’, a Mothers’ Union marriage preparation course.  She reminded us that prayer underpins everything we do and reassured us that however small or simple a project, individual branches are providing Christian care and support to local families - which is just as important as the work being carried out at the global level.
Chris concluded by repeating her opening question: ‘Is the Mothers’ Union as relevant today as when it was founded by Mary Sumner?’  Judging by the nods from the group, we all seemed to agree that it definitely is!

Following that morning we were delighted that Pat Weaver, one of our church wardens, who had attended the Outreach decided to join Mothers’ Union.  She said, ‘For some years I have watched and admired the work of the Mothers’ Union here at St Richards.  They “see” and work on ways of helping the church family.  These may be small projects, but they make a real difference.  They are quietly active in making improvements to the appearance and comfort of the church, its ministry in the parish, and in living their faith in outreach to the wider community.  I hope that I will be able to support and help them now that I have become a member.’  We were very pleased that Kathryn Anderson, Diocesan President, was present at Pat’s enrolment to the Mothers’ Union.

Written by Nora Millward
St Richard’s Heathfield Branch

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