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Mothers’ Union, Supporting Society and Giving Back

Mothers' Union Works to Help Communities and Support Society

12 Jan 2021

Supporting Society

Mothers’ Union has a great history of supporting people in need and the structures which make up society. Members have done this the world over by both helping with familial issues and maintaining the working order of larger societal institutions. One such institution is the National Health Service in the UK, known to most as the NHS.

Here in the UK, members in various regions across the country have been involved with different schemes to assist NHS staff who work hard around the clock. In times of great need, such as during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, members crafted thousands of items of PPE for use by staff in hospitals.

Various Projects

In July of 2020 a group in Rochester put out a request for a wide range of equipment for the NHS and the local Mothers’ Union diocese rose to the challenge. They made scrub bags, washable sleeves and gowns, sets of scrubs and even ear protectors. The ladies were so successful in this endeavour that they were nominated for a National Diversity Award which celebrates unity in society.

One of the most prominent activities members were involved in 2020 was the call to make scrub bags for the NHS. A 92 year-old lady called Margaret from Worcester had thought her sewing days were behind her but was been delighted to join a Mothers’ Union sewing team, making scrub bags with the Worcester group. It gave her a renewed sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.

Other projects have seen members provide for patients who need different forms of care. An example of this provision for patients is the creation of teddy bear liver and kidneys in Leeds. These small objects help children going in for operations to understand what is happening to them. The play therapists for the hospital have actually written to the local Mothers’ Union group to thank them for their efforts.

Mothers’ Union branches and diocese often contact hospitals in advance of carrying out large scale crafting projects to avoid over duplication and wasted resources. By operating in this way the movement has ensured it is of practical support to the NHS within the UK.

Saying Thank You To Key Workers

Whilst recognizing that the NHS is an institution and pillar of UK society, Mothers’ Union members are very aware that it is the people who make up the workforce that need supporting most. In June 2020, our Thank You Key Workers Appeal was launched to thank NHS and other key workers for their important role in the battle against the pandemic. 

The scheme has already had a hundred or so nominations and applicants but we have secured the funding to provide for many more. Those who apply stand to receive an activity hamper, experience day or short break (to take place later this year). 




Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash