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Praying with Purpose - What's it all about?

Mothers’ Union Encourages Faith Through Virtual Events

28 Jan 2021

Mothers’ Union recently ran three Praying with Purpose sessions and will continue to put on virtual events throughout the year to support members and friends as they look to rebuild hope and confidence at local level.

Well-attended Sessions

Altogether the sessions were attended by almost 150 people, mostly from the UK, but also including a few from overseas. Featuring both times in a large group and activities in smaller break-out rooms these events proved useful for all those involved.

It was encouraging to share together about prayer and some have since commented how they have been motivated to use the Praying with Purpose resource in different settings – from Cathedral Prayers to Trustees meetings!

Creative Ways to Stay Engaged 

The Praying with Purpose sessions explore ways to use this prayer resource to help as many as possible to access and enjoy prayer and to pray with others about ways to help the wider community. During the sessions, there was some creative discussion as to how to use this with members who do not have access to the internet or smartphone.   

The sessions focused on a central template for creating a prayer time but the other elements of the resource were also introduced. It was emphasized that they are all available to download from the Mothers’ Union website in a Word format to make it straightforward to create your own “bespoke” prayer times.

The Reasons for Running These Events

Virtual events like these can lift all participants’ spirits, and are a great reminder that we may be separated but we are not alone in this time. We have the means to come together through technology, and even if only a substitute for real life gatherings it is still well worth doing.

Mothers’ Union wishes to be as supportive as possible and due to popular demand we will be running another Praying with Purpose session from 10-11.30am on 9th February. A sign up link will be made ready by the end of this week and will appear on the events page.


Feedback from Praying with Purpose Participants


It was really encouraging. The praying with purpose material is very comprehensive and includes lots of great ideas for encouraging prayer within a Branch.”


Absolutely wonderful and inspiring session! Loved it! Awesome sitting with members who believe in the power of prayer and are excited about the resources … I felt a definite willingness in my two groups to use and share with others.”


I am sure this event highlighted even more things we could be doing as individuals and through MU. The prayer guides will help us focus on God’s will.”


It was great to have the opportunity to share ideas. It is one of the exciting aspects of MU where we can all encourage each other in different ways.”


Final Thoughts

Do make use of the resource pages on this website, and get involved with the virtual events on offer by us if possible. In a time when it is easy to feel alone they are a great way to keep connected and build up our faith.