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Support in Difficult Times - Glasgow and Galloway Diocese

In Glasgow and Galloway we have been doing our best to give support to those affected by the present pandemic.

11 Nov 2020

Our older members, many of whom have been self-isolating, have been telephoning each other, sometimes on a daily basis, to counteract the problem of loneliness. Many have been sending MU cards and letters to those we normally visit in Care Homes. MU members have been supporting family, friends, neighbours and people in their community by doing shopping, collecting prescriptions and supporting foodbanks. Some have joined local resilience groups to help out. A refuge family has received help with extra food parcels and vouchers.

We have supplied three departments in a hospital with ear protectors to help protect the area behind the ears when wearing face masks for many hours. We also supplied our local care home with these after a request from them.

We are a small group of MU members. However we are doing what we can to support as many people as we can during these difficult times.


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