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Two diocese in the north of England work together to help Afghan refugees

Mothers' Union assists Afghan arrivals

01 Sep 2021
Mothers’ Union is a worldwide movement active in 84 countries. Whilst there is so much going on around the world right now it is easy to forget the cries for help that are closer to home. Through listening to people in the communities which it serves, Mothers’ Union always responds to where the need is greatest. 
Whether this is providing holidays to UK families in need of a break or handing out emergency toiletry packs for hospital patients, care and support are at the heart of all that our members do. These activities are particularly important for two diocese in the North of England who have begun to work together in the service of a particularly vulnerable group of people.

The Helpful Hotel

Early in August, before the Taliban took over in Kabul, members in Leeds discovered help was needed for quarantining Afghan families in hotels. A Manchester hotel manager who is the son of an MU member living in the Huddersfield Episcopal Area, became a contact for the Diocese of Leeds in their efforts to assist refugees.
Now, working alongside Manchester Diocese MU, members from the Diocese of Leeds have sent outdoor toys and games for when the Afghan children have time to play. Recently, they were asked by their contact for warm coats for the children ready for when they leave quarantine and move on again.
Following this request, members across the Diocese of Leeds have worked very hard to collect hundreds of good quality coats. These have been taken to Manchester and received gratefully by the refugee families. The members have recently supplied other clothing, including harder to get items such as underwear for the children too.

Going Forward

Recognizing that there is going to be an even greater need in the short term future, members from both diocese are preparing to support the new arrivals in all of the ways that they can.
In the words of Jean Thurman, MU Diocesan President for Leeds;
“We will continue this support for however long the arriving Afghan people need us. It is such a privilege to play a small part in welcoming them to the UK. We pray for them.”
If you wish to find out more about the diocese involved you can follow the links below to learn more about their activities:



Cover Photo by Mangopear creative on Unsplash