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Diocese of Tuam
020 7222 5533


We are an active diocese supporting Mothers' Union projects, childrens groups, local hospitals and prisons. We have groups comprising of members within the diocese meeting regularly and organising their own programmes, keeping prayer at the centre of everything we do. Our work includes: Funding...
Mrs Susan Willoughby
01995 604191


Our overseas links are Boga in DR Congo, Tanga in Tanzania, Ogoni in Nigeria, Manicaland in Zimbabwe and Melbourne in Australia. We have 63 branches and 1,236 members. Membership Our members are not all mothers, or even all women. They are single, married, parents, grandparents, or young adults...
Janice Eadington
01229 580175


In the Diocese of Chester we have 110 branches with about 3,000 members. We have our own personal worldwide links with six dioceses and have set up a soup kitchen project with Cape Town which receives support from the membership and provides 32 soup kitchens throughout the winter months. We are...
The Mothers Union Chester Diocese
01244 400491


Mothers' Union is the largest Christian organisation operating in over 84 countries with over 4 million members. There are 78,000 in the UK and Ireland and over 1,700 in the Diocese of Durham. We have 82 branches in Durham most of which meet in the traditional way either weekly or monthly, most in...
Kathleen Wilson


We have over 1,500 members encompassing both branch (65 branches), diocesan and indoor members. Mothers’ Union groups meet regularly with prayer, worship, action and fun - exploring and supporting projects both locally, across the diocese and beyond. Basically around the corner and around the world...
Mothers' Union Liverpool
0151 705 2110


Mothers’ Union Manchester endeavours to provide support for families who have met with adversity and encourage flourishing relationships through our numerous projects. Our aim is to enable and empower in order to enrich lives. In Manchester there are approximately 2,000 members. We meet, worship...
Andrea Walsh
0161 828 1427


We are a dynamic charity, always on the lookout for new kinds of outreach. Often we work in partnership with other charities, to enhance their provision for the vulnerable by providing holidays, workshops or support. Our members' work is underpinned by worship, both at branch level and in bigger...
Mrs Barbara Packer
0191 253 4321


We are a diverse community of Mothers' Union members, following in Mary Sumner’s footsteps, supporting families across the diocese, at home and abroad. We are committed to campaigning against social injustices that affect family life and advocate gender equality. We have over 1,100 members in 47...
Elizabeth Dean
01302 771975