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Limerick & Killaloe

Our work: We have held several open evenings inviting members and non-members, young and old, for an evening of styling, healthy eating, hairdressing and exercise tips We run a fun ‘beetle drive’ evening every year for young parents and their children We run afternoon tea for our indoor members...
Diocese of Limerick & Killaloe
Diocese of Tuam
020 7222 5533


We are an active diocese supporting Mothers' Union projects, childrens groups, local hospitals and prisons. We have groups comprising of members within the diocese meeting regularly and organising their own programmes, keeping prayer at the centre of everything we do. Our work includes: Funding...
Mrs Susan Willoughby
01995 640061


Our overseas links are Boga in DR Congo, Tanga in Tanzania, Ogoni in Nigeria, Manicaland in Zimbabwe and Melbourne in Australia. We have 63 branches and 1,236 members. Membership Our members are not all mothers, or even all women. They are single, married, parents, grandparents, or young adults...
Deb Lee


Mothers’ Union Chester has over 1,000 members in 56 branches across our widespread diocese where many of the parishes are rural.  Our members serve their churches and communities with projects that help and support local families; coming together in fellowship to fundraise, campaign, and share the...
Mrs Dawn Colwell


We demonstrate the Christian faith in action by transforming communities by promoting stable marriage, nurturing family life and ensuring the protection of children. Most branches in Durham meet in the traditional way either weekly or monthly, most in the afternoon but a few do meet in the evening...
Kathleen Wilson


We have over 1,500 members encompassing both branch (65 branches), diocesan and indoor members. Mothers’ Union groups meet regularly with prayer, worship, action and fun - exploring and supporting projects both locally, across the diocese and beyond. Basically around the corner and around the world...
Mrs Carys Humphries
0151 286 5186 (temp)


Mothers’ Union Manchester endeavours to provide support for families who have met with adversity and encourage flourishing relationships through our numerous projects. Our aim is to enable and empower in order to enrich lives. In Manchester there are approximately 1,000 members. We meet, worship...
John Sharp
0161 828 1427


We as a charity often work in partnership with other charities to enhance their provision for the vulnerable by providing holidays, away days and support. We work in rural and inner city areas. We have 692 members in 33 branches , including diocesan members. Branches look for local projects as well...
Margy Tasker-Brown
01669 640203