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Mothers’ Union members are great at making a range of craft items, such as knitted teddies, fiddle pinnies and prayer shawls. This knitting, sewing and crafting can really make a difference - members use it as fellowship together, outreach to their communities to answer a need or provide comfort and also as income generating projects. 

Some of the things that our members make and craft are: 

  • Knitted teddy bears - Mothers’ Union members and friends make knitted teddies with love and care for children facing all sorts of difficulties including refugee children
  • Knitted sheep for travelling nativities - a popular activity for many Mothers' Union members is to knit cuddly sheep to be left with families once a travelling nativity has moved on
  • Knitted teddy hand puppets - simple but fun puppets are easily knitted and, like the knitted teddies, can be given to children in a range of situations to cheer them up
  • Fiddle pinnies and Twiddlemuffs - made for those suffering from Alzhiemers and Dementia 
  • Prayer shawls - for those fighting illnesses such as cancer 
  • Baby clothes - for neonatal wards in hospital.

Our members also run craft sessions in prisons as part of our prison work. 

These activities are a vital part of our outreach in communities and really touch the lives of those most in need. 

Our resource section contains patterns and instructions for making some of our most popular items.