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Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation with a population of 290,000. Barbados, like many other countries, was hit badly by the global financial crisis a decade ago and is still recovering from the impact of this. Barbados relies heavily on tourism as a source of income and the economic downturn led to high unemployment levels, and a reduction in social services.

When pressures on family life increase during crises like this, Mothers’ Union members are ready to provide support to families in need. Started in 1913, today Mothers’ Union in Barbados has more than 2,000 members all of whom are reaching out to individuals and families within their own communities through a variety of different outreach programmes. These include:

  • Parenting Programme
  • Hospital Ministry
  • School breakfast programme
  • Cradle Roll Ministry
  • Skills training
  • Homework and mentoring programmes
  • Counselling services
  • Practical support for women’s refuges
  • Raising awareness about HIV/AIDs 

Barbados Mothers’ Union is looking forward to celebrating its 110th anniversary on 24th June 2023.