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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, but only has two cities – the capital city Kingston, located on the south coast and Montego Bay, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, located on the north coast. Although famous for its idyllic scenery and beaches, sadly violent crime, gangs, drug trafficking, and poverty also pose significant challenges to family life in Jamaica today. 

Mothers' Union started in Jamaica in 1897 and has grown to a total of more than 3,200 members now. Mothers’ Union of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands continue to reach out to and support families through various outreach programmes including: 

  • Education scholarships for young people
  • Prison ministry
  • Worldwide Parenting Programme
  • Supporting families affected by HIV/AIDs
  • Youth counselling hotline 
  • Widows rights
  • Hospital visitation
  • Meals on wheels for the homeless
  • Support the St Christopher’s School for the Deaf
  • 16 days of activism against gender based violence
  • Support those living in a local mental health facility