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Sierra Leone

Located in West Africa, Sierra Leone is a small country bordered by Guinea, Liberia and with an Atlantic Ocean coastline. Sierra Leone is blessed with natural resources, including both savannah and rainforest, and has a young and vibrant population. However, their recent history is marked by two events; the end of their brutal civil war that ended in 2002, and the Ebola epidemic that affected the country from 2014 until 2016. 

Mothers Union is Sierra Leone is working hard to promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life, and to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity for a life were they can reach their potential and feel valued and loved. Mothers' Union operates across the two dioceses of Bo and Freetown, with a combined total Mothers' Union membership of approximately 1,265.

  • Raising awareness of HIV/AIDs
  • Marriage preparation
  • Savings and Credit programmes
  • Mothers’ Union nursery schools
  • Mothers’ Union farm
  • Adult literacy