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Mothers' Union in 2022

What a year! As we move through a once in a lifetime pandemic into a cost-of-living crisis, a war in Europe, a female uprising in Iran, a rise in gender-based violence and domestic abuse what we do know is that Mothers’ Union has never been needed more.

From our work in prisons, in highlighting domestic abuse in our communities, offering support and fellowship to the vulnerable, providing much need holidays to weary families and supporting programme overseas – the list goes on and the impact we have is profound.

Mothers’ Union is reminiscent of the proverb about hiding lights under bushels, based on Matthew 5:15 - Let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven – so, instead, let’s proudly exclaim our achievements.

Here are some highlights from our work in communities in Britain and Ireland and overseas in 2022. Click the links to read articles about what we have achieved.

We have explored and reflected on white privilege and racism, looked at how we can tackle gender-based violence, and modern-day slavery.

We are leading discussions, action, and partnerships on domestic abuse in our churches and communities. Click here to listen to a radio interview Bev Jullien did on the International Day of the Girl Child about our partnership with Women's Aid on UCB1.

We continue to deliver projects and programmes overseas that help women and children combat injustice, gender-based violence and poverty.

At home, supporting prisoners and their families is an important part of our community outreach work. As is providing support packages to women’s refuges and hospitals.

We have lovingly welcomed refugees into our homes and communities, extending our love and compassion to strangers in need.

Mothers’ Union is a truly global organisation, with over 4 million members we actively help 750,000 people every year.  Our network of branches take root all over the world, in diverse cultures and communities.

We are a charity, and all our brilliant work needs to be resourced. This year we kickstarted our transformational agenda, taking the best of what we do and developing new approaches that will increase membership, improve our outreach, and financially sustain us into the future. We are excited that a new programme of work, developed together, is ready to go in 2023.

Find out more about what we are doing. Tickets are now on sale for Mothers’ Union’s Annual Gathering in York on 22nd September 2023.