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Canterbury diocese haircu

Haircut 125 for Mothers' Union Cantebury Diocese

Celebrate 125 years of Mothers' Union Canterbury Diocese

21 Sep 2021

Mothers' Union Cantebury Diocesan President Marianna Poliszczuk cut her waist length hair on Saturday 4th September in support of Haircut 125 for Canterbury Diocesan Mothers' Union. Her hair will be used in wigs for those who have lost hair from a range of medical conditions.

Additionally after the cut, she will be Turning Blue, in recognition of the 125 years' of the Mothers' Union in Kent working with families.  

The money raised will aid local Mothers' Union to fulfil the primary objective to help those whose family life has met with adversity.  

PLEASE DONATE AND SUPPORT Marianna who as Diocesan President of the Canterbury Mothers' Union will finish  a 6 year term of office at the end of this year.