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Running a diocese: Information for trustees

Trustees need to be aware of the legal requirements within which they have to operate as a registered charity. Relevant information and good practice can be found here.

Charity Reporting

This document has been created to set out and explain the key rules and requirements regarding the submission of the annual report and accounts to the charity regulator. The information contained is broadly relevant to dioceses within the UK, albeit in some minor respects Scotland departs from this. Dioceses in the province of All Ireland should refer to local guidance.

Data Protection

Guidance on complying with the current data protection requirements.

Draft Constitution for a Diocese

A draft constitution for Mothers' Union dioceses in Britain and Ireland.

Employing Staff

A guide to what you need to do if you employ staff in your diocese.

Food Safety

Guidance on what you need to do to meet Food Safety regulations.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of donations without additional cost to the donor. The Gift Aid Scheme is explained here.

Health & safety

Guidance and good practice for members, volunteers and employees.


A guide to the insurance cover you may need for your diocese.

Retention of Records

Guidance for retaining information in your diocese or province.


Mothers' Union's Safeguarding Policy Commitment and recommendations for diocesan trustee boards.