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Resources to Support us in Challenging Times

A selection of resources to help our members and friends as they face self-isolation at home

As our members and their families around the world face self-isolation and lockdown we know how important it is for us all to remain as active as we can, both physically and mentally. 

We are producing resources to help combat feelings of loneliness, to nourish faith and to help you continue to feel connected to your friends and community.

Resources will continue to be added on a regular basis 

Craft & Community - Thinking of You Prayer Cards

Template and instructions for you to use to create prayer cards to drop round to your neighbours and community 

Home Activity - Bird Watching Resource

A prayerful resource to help you watch for birds

Staying Connected - Contact Chains

Practical ways members can support one another even when self -isolating

Faith & Fellowship - MU Prayer for Corona-19

A prayer with practical and spiritual ideas

Faith & Fellowship - Encouragement To Pray Bible Study

Bible study which can be a quiet individual reflection or used for an online branch meeting

Faith & Fellowship - Midday Prayers Live

Join us on Facebook Live everyday (Mon -Sat) at 12pm (BST) to pray together

Staying Connected - Connecting Digitally

A beginners guide to simple programmes and resources you can use to connect online with friends and members

Healthy & Happy Body & Mind - Self Care Checklist

A great checklist to make sure you are looking after yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Home Activity - Colouring Bookmarks

Find joy colouring three floral bookmarks featuring words of comfort. Why not pop a finished one in the post to a dear friend or member?

Craft & Community - Knitted Prayer Squares

Pattern, Prayer and directions for small knitted squares with a cross on them called 'mini prayer shawls' for the chaplains at the local hospitals to use. Thank you Oxford Mothers' Union for sharing this idea

Craft & The Community - Scrub Bag Pattern

Pattern to make scub bags / laundry bags for key workers during COVID-19

Healthy & Happy Body & Mind - Cloth Face Covering Pattern

Pattern and instructions to make your own cloth face coverings. Please note these are for individual, personal use and are not suitable for PPE

Craft & The Community - Mask Straps Pattern

Knitted and Crocheted pattern for Mask straps – knitted or crocheted bands which take the pressure off the back of the ear and keep masks in place for key workers

Craft & The Community - Knitted Heart Pattern

Knitting pattern for pairs of hearts given to family's who have a loved one in a care home or hospital to bring love and comfort

Faith & Fellowship - Indoor Member Reflection November

Reflection created for our indoor members which can be used for us all in lockdown! Please note this is in large type. 

Healthy & Happy Body & Mind - Looking after your mental health

A resource for looking after your mental health during COVID-19 written by mental health counsellor Raymond Farrell

November Spiritual Communion

Join us on 5th November at 9pm (GMT) as we join together for a beautiful Spiritual Communion created by the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell. The service will be live via our Facebook page

Bereavement Resources - Introduction to Printable Cards

Introduction to our downloadable bereavement cards which you can print out 

Bereavement Resources - Printable Bereavement Cards (Religious)

Beautiful printable cards with biblical reflections to provide comfort in times of grief

Bereavement Resources - A time to mourn

Prayers and bible verses to provide comfort in times of grief

Bereavement Resources - Words of Comfort

Words of comfort for those who are grieving 

Craft & Community - MU Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch patterns for both a Mothers' Union cross and globe in hearts

Staying Connected - Can our group meet at the moment?

An update on the current guidance relating to Mothers' Union groups and branches meeting across the provinces in Britain & Ireland. These are subject to change at short notice and in specific areas, so do check the appropriate Government websites.

Staying Connected - Small Group and Virtual Meeting Resources

Find information on ways Mothers' Union members can meet when our usual branch meetings aren't possible as well as some ideas for both virtual and small group meetings.