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Resources to Support us in Challenging Times

A selection of resources to help our members and friends as they face self-isolation at home

As our members and their families around the world face self-isolation and lockdown we know how important it is for us all to remain as active as we can, both physically and mentally. 

We are producing resources to help combat feelings of loneliness, to nourish faith and to help you continue to feel connected to your friends and community.

Resources will continue to be added on a regular basis 

Craft & Community - Paint the Rainbow

Craft to create a rainbow with a bible verse to stick on your window - bringing hope and a smile to those going on their daily walk

Craft & Community - Thinking of You Prayer Cards

Template and instructions for you to use to create prayer cards to drop round to your neighbours and community 

Home Activity - Bird Watching Resource

A prayerful resource to help you watch for birds

Home Activity - Online Puzzle Resources

its important to keep our brains active. This document has links to free crosswords, mindful colouring etc

Staying Connected - Edie Film Resource

An activity you can either do individually or members of your branch who cant meet. can watch and then discuss at an online meeting! Film currently on Netlix

Staying Connected - Contact Chains

Practical ways members can support one another even when self -isolating

Faith & Fellowship - MU Prayer for Corona-19

A prayer with practical and spiritual ideas

Faith & Fellowship - Encouragement To Pray Bible Study

Bible study which can be a quiet individual reflection or used for an online branch meeting

Faith & Fellowship - April Midday Prayers

Join us as we pray for our members worldwide at midday 

Sheran Harper's Words of Encouragement

Words of encouragement during this difficult time from Worldwide President Sheran Harper

Faith & Fellowship - Midday Prayers Live

Join us on Facebook Live everyday (Mon -Sat) at 12pm (GMT) to pray together

Faith & Fellowship - Blind Bartimaus Bible Study

Bible study which can be a quiet individual reflection or used for an online branch meeting

Staying Connected - Connecting Digitally

A beginners guide to simple programmes and resources you can use to connect online with friends and members

Holy Week & Easter Resource Pack

Pack with prayful reflections and activities for Holy Week

Craft & The Community - Palm Crosses & Wreaths

Create your own Palm Crosses and Wreaths for this Palm Sunday